Hi! I’m Tammy

Welcome to my humble site! I’m so happy that you found me here.


The reason I chose EMERGENT for my name on the blog is that it is very fitting for me. Definition number four (4) is me. I am newly formed. How am I newly formed, you ask? There are many ways let me just briefly explain:

  1. I am rededicating my life to Jesus, that being said I am newly formed to Jesus and my life is going on a better track.
  2. My son is going to be moving out of my house soon to go to college. He is in a community college right now but he will be graduating in a year to go to a university.  So, I am going to be an empty nester.
  3. How does being an empty nester make me new? Well, I have had a child in my home since I was 19 years old. My daughter was born 3 weeks after I turned 19. So, my life has always been a mom. My husband and I don’t know what it is to be like not having our kids around us.
  4. My husband and I must relearn who we are as a married couple.
  5. I am learning who I am for the first time! I know I am 44 years old but the only thing I know is I’m a mom and a retired military spouse. What else am I?

So, you will be finding a few things here on this blog. I love to read books so you will find some bookish things reviews, memes, challenges and other things. I would also like to write about my fumblings for becoming a true child of God and maybe engage others while doing so. I am starting a diet today, I would love to share what I am doing with other’s and maybe help others on their own journey. Last but not least I love to crochet and do diamond paintings I thought it would be fun to show some fun things on here. So, it’s not all serious all the time!

I hope that you will join me on this journey. I know it’s about me, but I want to add YOU to the mix too. I can’t take this journey alone, I want to help others as they find their journey. We can all help each other out. This is a safe place for everyone. There is no judgment here. If you fall just pick yourself back up again, I will be here to support you!

Let’s have some fun, get to know each other! I hope to read your comments!